Alcohol Server Permit Application

To complete the application without printing, follow these instructions exactly.

Please do not try to use the "Submit" button in the form.

If you prefer, you can print the blank application, fill it in by hand (instructions here), and return it by email or fax.

1. Click the link to open the Server Permit Application.

2. Save the application form as a PDF file on your computer.

(Make a note of where it is saved)

3. Fill out the application form:

a. Open the application form on your computer.

b. Fill in all required (highlighted) fields. This is a fillable PDF form, just click the field, and type the information.

c. Save the file on your computer again and close.

4. Sign Application Form Online (preferred method)

(If you prefer, you can print the completed application, sign it manually, then scan or fax it)

a. Click the blue box.

b. Select the PDF file saved on your computer.

c. Create your signature.

d. Place the signature on the application form where indicated by the dashed red line for Applicant Signature.

e. Click "DONE" at the top of the page.

f. Click "Download Document" (Blue Button).

5. Return the application, and a copy of your ID, by email or fax.

Either email the signed application as an attachement to,

or fax the printed and signed application to (505) 214-5072.

If you prefer to text a photo of your ID, please send it to (505) 715-0003.

6. Close this page.